As well as organising rambles and hand cycling rides in the countryside, Experience Community also helps organisations engage with disabled people to let them know about available routes that they can do. In order to do this we make short films about access to tourism attractions, leisure facilities and of course, routes that can be done by disabled people.

We don’t actually say what is or isn’t accessible, we simply make an honest film about what  something is like and then people can make informed choices as to if it’s suitable for their individual needs or not. After all, everyone is different and what might be suitable and desirable for one person, might not be for another.

We have made films for many large organisations such as Leeds City Council, Leicestershire County Council, WY Metro, Yorkshire Water, RSPB, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, National Trust and Natural England to name a few.

Have a look at some of our Destination Films and Contact us if you might be interested in working with us.

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