Standedge Tunnel to Marsden

This is a short linear route from Standegde Tunnel Visitors Centre to Marsden train station along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. There are five disabled parking spaces in the car park as well as disabled toilets in the Café and Visitors Centre. On the ground floor of the Visitors Centre there is a small exhibition about the history and construction of Standedge Tunnel.

Parts of this route have short uneven surfaces, cobbles and can get very muddy after rain.

Please note: Marsden Train Station is only wheelchair accessible when coming from Huddersfield and ONLY if the train stops at Platform One. If the train stops at Platform Two, there are approximately 30 steps to climb to get out of the station. People who use wheelchairs or have mobility problems are advised NOT to use the train.

You can get to Marsden Train Station by bus from Huddersfield on the number 185 bus to Marsden Dirker. Get off at the stop just after the train station and make your way back down the road to the train station where you can join the canal and do this route in the opposite direction to show in the video. For further details about bus times and route please see the West Yorkshire Metro website: