Scammonden Water

This short linear route at Scammonden Water is approximately 1 mile long in total and can be combined with birdwatching or a picnic! The track is compacted gravel, which might get slightly dusty during drier weather and the surface was in good condition at the time of filming (June 2014).

There are two gates, which may prove to be an obstacle for some people, who may require assistance with opening them. Please remember to close the gates after you have passed through them as they’re to keep cows in the right part of the neighbouring land.

On the way back to the car park there is a long incline and some people may require help or to stop and rest. Please note that there isn’t any seating along this route apart from at the picnic bench near the car park.

Yorkshire Water describe this path as “Easy Access”. For more routes of this kind please visit the Yorkshire Water website.

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