Experience Community Back in the Press

Experience Community has hit the press again, this time about our Wheelchair Skills and Independent Living Course, which is available free of charge to the residents of Kirklees.

The headline Pioneering wheelchair skills course helps disabled people ‘live life to the full’ sets up the story that continues to explain some of the issues that wheelchair users face, what is involved in the course and some of the benefits for our participants.

“The benefits are mind blowing” according to Clare Foard, 35, “It’s been such a big help and has turned everything around for me.

“I feel with the skills I will be able to live life to the full.

“It’s things like learning where to put my body weight to get over obstacles that helps.

“There’s no reason why it should be hard to get around in Huddersfield, it’s just about having the knowledge and confidence to get about.

Read the full story on the Huddersfield Examiner Website.

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